Cavalier Originals, LLC is a creative house where we produce and develop a variety of content for the film/tv and fashion business. Gina Cavalier was driven to create this company as a place where her friends and colleagues could use their creative talents to achieve big dreams. Gina was an entertainment executive who worled at Warner Bros, Disney, Fox, Trailer Park and a variety of other creative companies. She has been a part of a variety of new and first-ever products and marketing campaigns on large francises such as "Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, King Kong, Godzilla, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Constantine and more.


Gina's apparel line embraces and embodies the independent and unique part of each of us that longs to be free.  Even when buttoned up for work or walking the kids through the park, Cavalier Originals apparel represents the fierce and fun rocker inside each of us.  Offering timeless, punk-inspired pieces for men and women in a large variety of sizes, designer Gina Cavalier uses her own artistic expressions to clothe the artist, the creator and the rocker inside us whose expression cannot and should not be denied.   While giving voice to that rebellious part inside of us.

Since she was a litle girl, she wrote and drew stories; but she officially got the “bug” when she took a job as Gene Roddenberry’s (the creator of Star Trek) wife’s office manager. She wasn’t really a fan, but they gave her Gene’s office to work out of (he had passed awhile back but everything was all there. She sat in a huge brown leather chair in a room filled with all of his magical thoughts and belongings. She immediately felt the tug to write and turned in her own versions of scripts and ideas for a new TV show they were working on Earth: Final Conflict, but she couldn’t break into the writers pool. She took an assignment working with Diane Ladd, actress, to assist in writingher autobiography and spent four months in Sedona wriSng and doing yoga. Diane became a mentor to Gina, but she really needed to be out in the world; so she tapped a job at Tapestry Films as a production coordinator, and on her Sme off she was allowed to read scripts and provide script coverage. She read anywhere from 15-30 scripts a week. Some movies that came out of that experience was “Pay It Forward,” She’s All That,” and “Wedding Crashers.” She really begged them to produce “Men in Black,” but they didn't think it would do anything. Gina’s first feature film script was a rock opera titled “The Unforgiven Bag.” The problem was it was a love story that used her then ex-husband’s entire music library from Flogging Molly and since they had broken up, he did not let her use the music. A predictable defeat. She moved along through several studios and digital media companies working on the largest of properties such as Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, and more but the draw to develop unique content for television, film and publishing became to much for her so she started Cavalier Originals.

How to Lose a Vampire in 10 days (Garlic Cook Book for Lovers)

Written and Illustrated by: Gina Cavalier and Recipes b: Andrew Bleckmann

How I Became Santa Claus - done for sale on this site



DEADLAND, writted and directed by Sam Gostnell

Ghost in Manhattan (big budget thriller) Original ghost love story which involves and inspires an entire city.

PLASTIC (star vehicle – female) One of the most beautiful and famous actresses in Hollywood falls from grace when she becomes addicted to plastic surgery leaving her scarred and deformed
X-Ray Love (star vehicle – male) A quiet and anti-social x-ray technician falls in love with a dying immigrant woman with no family.

The Unforgiven Bag ( rock opera) Tragic love story from America to Ireland explores the accumulation of baggage literal and figurative in this multi-threaded animated and live action songfest.
Turtle Without A Name (animation) A turtle born alone struggles to find what and who he is, After a harrowing journey through a storm his friends finally name him. 

The Boys Are Back (music biopic about Thin Lizzy’s Front man – Phil Lynott) This colorful rocker was the only black Irish in his school and died in his early thirties.



Thomas Fine and The Mystery School – (Large teenage franchise)
A diverse group of teens learn code breaking, espionage and sleuthing skills from sea creatures and extra terrestrials deep under the ocean at the Life Solidarity Society

Get it? Got it? Good! – Oakland, CA football/cheerleading team with “Hamilton-eque” hip-hop & rap scenes with special guest artists.
How I Became Santa Claus – (Once a year, Movie of the week) - Origin story about a boy who becomes Santa Claus in the late 1800’s














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