“What is FASHION all about?” BY: JENNIFER NASH

I think if you ask people this question, the most common answer would be “To look good”.

But if you know anything about fashion, you know that it’s an art form that has always been changing and morphing - changing culture, creating culture, rebelling against norms, changing people’s minds and hearts.

Sometimes fashion has been cruel. To animals, for instance. Or to women - bound feet come to mind and tight corsets that distorted women’s bodies so much that they actually impeded child birth.

And sometimes fashion can really get a good message across. Several times throughout history, women dressed like men to assert their independence. These days, it’s not uncommon to see men dress like women.

And, of course, as t-shirts have become the most popular clothing item in the world - they have morphed from plain things worn under a dress shirt, or only for cleaning, excersizing, etc - to fashion statements of their own.

Today, t-shirts are funny, sexy, comfy, fan related, political -

you name it. And who doesn’t LOVE a great t-shirt? I can’t think of anyone.

My very dear friend, Gina Cavalier, is starting a fashion line. Cavalier Originals. She’s an artist with a keen eye for fashion and her own idea of what it can be and what it can do. She’s also a loving, caring person who wants the world to be a better place. So, naturally, she’s starting off her fashion line by creating one of a kind, soft, comfy t-shirts for the homeless in LA.

We’ll be going down to the LA Mission soon to give them away, and I hope you’ll follow us on this very FIRST STEP of building a fashion brand that blends fashion with philanthropy!

Stay tuned....

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