HARD COVER Book: "How I Became Santa Claus" by Gina Cavalier

HARD COVER Book: "How I Became Santa Claus" by Gina Cavalier


THE BOOK:  “Gina Cavalier’s – How I Became Santa Claus” Combines Beautifully Hand drawn Art and a captivating narrative to form a unique and meaningful Holiday Story that’s sure to become a Favorite. Inspired by three enchanting pieces she discovered in a Park City, Utah thrift store (a bird house general store, whimsical snowman and old Santa), Cavalier put years of film and television writing and illustrating experience to work to form a visual and reading experience that all ages can enjoy. A story that not only accompanies striking artwork, but tells of respecting fellow man, who he is, where he comes from and the importance of withholding judgment unless having walked in his shoes.


THE STORY: Have you every wondered where Santa Claus came from? If he is a mortal man, then he once had a family and a history. Would he have to leave his family and friends to become this Guardian of Christmas and protector of children’s dreams. What kind of sacrifices did he have to endure? This is the story of one little boy who had a big destiny. In May 1910, in the heart of a coal-miners’ town, lies a secret waiting above the ground. Nick, an eight-year-old boy, will become the next Santa Claus, but only if he decides. You see, Santas are not made… they are born. The oracle, who plans for the historical, predicted this location for the next Santa. A workshop was created in this town, high in the mountain tops waiting for him to find his destiny and pick up the treasured “snowman filled with sand.” This item in not a novelty. Every grain of sand represents a little girl or boy that Nick will help throughout the land. But, even with destiny, everyone has freewill and a choice. As he ponders this decision, time is ticking away. The old Santa had to renounce his position, and without him, Santa’s kingdom is vulnerable to attack by the darkness “THE GEISER’s” ever desire to wipe out Santa’s existence and memory so they can enslave the magical creatures and so children have no dreams. Join us on Nick’s journey and meet all the magical creatures that help him in making his decision.



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